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Backgammon has always been a popular game across the world – and in recent years has become easy to find online. Many backgammon players are now trying their hand at other skill-based games such as poker (check this site out for a guide to the best sites).
One of the great things about online games (including casino ones) is that there’s even free options available for players who want to try their luck.

To start playing right away, we suggest below what we believe are the best backgammon sites at this time:

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Best Online Backgammon Site

Although backgammon during the years has seen many notable evolutions one of the most important is the ability to play the backgammon game online.

Playing backgammon online is almost the same with the real version of the game. The difference is that you play with a 3D simulation of the backgammon board. Backgammon online games and tournaments are played according to the official backgammon rules which are used in the international championships. Due to the advanced computer graphics and digital sounds the experience of playing backgammon online comes very close to the real one.

Backgammon Online

Playing backgammon online has an advantage over the traditional one: it is much more accessible and easy to use. Internet backgammon can be played 24/7 against players from all over the world. The real life backgammon club organizes a tournament once a week while the backgammon websites host tournaments every hour.

This has made the game of backgammon even more popular around the world then is was before. There are tens of sites that offer backgammon online and many of them are giving you the chance to play free backgammon. With just a click of a button you can find complete tutorials and guides . Beside that there are a dozens of sites where you have the possibility to play backgammon for real money.

Because of the fact that backgammon is played with a dice many people think of it as a gambling game. Backgammon is a game of odds and patterns and requires calculation and strategy. Every time a player rolls the dice he has to select from several options for moving their checkers and anticipate the opponent’s possible counter moves. Playing an optimal backgammon strategy plays an important role in determining the final result of the game and the first opening moves are very important in obtaining the winning advantage.

There are lots of backgammon books that teach you the best strategies to play this board game.

There are all kind of backgammon variations but the rules are basically almost the same for each one. They can be learned in less than ten minutes but the intriguing part is that they are very difficult to master.

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