Backgammon although at first sight can be easily seen as a very simple game, this is extremely far from the truth. Indeed when the game is played only for fun there is no need to know advanced strategies and other important things related to this board game. However if you decide that you want to try backgammon by playing it for real money then you certainly need to evolve from the beginner player status. One of the best ways to accomplish something like that is to read backgammon books. Some of the best books will definitely help you to see the game in a much more different perspective. Beside that such an guide will give you valuable tips on strategy, tactics and the best ways to approach the game.

Here is a selection of extremely good backgammon books:

Backgammon, The Cruelest Game – written by Barclay Cooke and Jon Bradshaw.
Backgammon, The Cruelest Game
This book was written before the Internet backgammon era, in 1974. According to the authors this board game combines both luck and skill in such a manner that is extremely possible for the backgammon beginners to outlast real champions with some unfortunate rolls. The book starts by presenting the rules of the game and then continues with opening moves and some fundamental tactics. The highlights of Backgammon, The Cruelest Game are the chapters on the backgame strategy, odds and probabilities.

Backgammon Boot Camp – written by Walter Trice
Backgammon Boot Camp
Backgammon Boot Camp was published seven years ago, in 2004, and basically it is a compilation of articles which are extremely helpful for the novice players that want at some point to advance to the intermediate level. This book covers a wide range of backgammon strategies and tactics. There are presented in detail strategies such as diversification, duplication, and connectivity. Beside that the book also gives a a clear idea about using efficiently some of the most popular backgammon tactics such as building primes, securing anchors and opening rolls.

Modern Backgammon – written by Bill Robertie
Modern Backgammon
This is a book which is dedicated to the advanced players and it was published in 2001. This is certainly not a publication that will help you to improve you skills in real world playing. It focuses strictly on strategies and skills which can be comprehended from the backgammon computer applications. If you are passionate about playing backgammon on the web then certainly that Modern Backgammon is the right book  for you.

Backgammon – written by Paul Magriel
It was published in 1976 and even in at this moment the specialists are still considering this publication as one of the best introductory books. Backgammon begins with a detailed section regarding the rules of this board game. Then the book offers to the reader a very good perspective regarding the strategies to use when playing backgammon such as playing opening rolls, running game, the holding game, the attacking game, pip count and also probabilities and basic odds. This is a book that is recommended to be red twice by those people that are extremely passionate about playing backgammon.