Michihito Kageyama
Without a doubt that Michihito Kageyama is one of the best Japanese backgammon players in the world. In 1997 he began to play this board game at a professional level. However the good results did not came very easy. Only after several years he managed to score very impressive performances.

In 2006 he finished first in the Riviera Backgammon Championship Last Chance. One year later in France together with Toyotaka Nakamura led the Japan team to victory in the Nordic Open Nation Cup. In 2009 he won in Nice the Sperti trophy and in the 1st Cyprus Backgammon Open the long distance award. Beside this great performances Kageyama also finalized the Velden Backgammon Open & the French Open Masters and obtained a decent result in the Nice Casino Ruhl Backgammon Open. In 2010 Kageyama also managed to score some decent performances. The most notable one is the fourth place at the Nordic Open in the Championship event.

Beside being a great backgammon player he is also an successful writer. Since the 1997 Kageyama authored more than five backgammon books.